Precision machinery ERP, on equal to no pain in where?

Author:Acloudear , 2020-10-18 21:14   
A digital core platform, to achieve comprehensive integration, to bring a unified digital management platform for enterprises, to achieve integrated management.

There are not many cases of ERP precision machinery successfully helping the precision machinery manufacturing enterprises to realize digital transformation. But there are many points that make complaints about them. Mechanical ERP, efficiency improved, but orders are always delayed, products can not be traced, product quality problems, cost control is not good, this batch of profits almost equal to 0 One of the most ruthless is actually a sentence: precision machinery ERP, on equal to not up! Why does good digital technology bring precision machinery ERP to appear such pain? On will certainly be good, then why can say on equal to not on so hurtful words? In this issue, let’s talk about ERP of precision machinery.

Analysis: precision machinery ERP, on equal to no war

Number one: what’s on it? Localized deployment or pure cloud ERP?

Acloudear, an expert in digital transformation of mechanical equipment industry, presents the difference between localization deployment and cloud ERP for enterprises in acloudear mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise digital transformation white paper. Let’s make a comparison first.

ERP of precision machinery 1

Five disadvantages of local deployment

ERP of precision machinery 2

These are the five advantages of public cloud intelligent ERP

Facts have proved that localization deployment is very easy to become a barrier to the rapid development of mechanical equipment enterprises! So the wrong choice is worse than no election. This is just one of them.

Second point: are you sure ERP of precision machinery is an integrated digital platform?

Sales called to ask the production manager about the progress. The production manager was vague and said that he would give the accurate data tomorrow. Can’t check progress in one system, is this still modern digital management? The production, sales, purchasing and financial departments all have ERP systems, but their information is not unified. They manage their own departments in their own systems and platforms, and their information islands are isolated. This is the crux of many precision machinery ERP, and it is not much different when compared with or without ERP.

Let’s take a look at the precision machinery ERP system mentioned in the white paper by acloudear, an expert in digital transformation of mechanical equipment industry.

ERP of precision machinery 3

There is a digital core platform to achieve comprehensive integration, bring unified digital management platform for enterprises, and realize integrated management.

ERP of precision machinery 4

The integrated management of SAP cloud ERP from sales, production, procurement, inventory, finance, etc

To tell you the truth, the big pain points can be roughly divided into these two aspects. As for the small pain points and shortcomings, it is difficult to elaborate one by one. You say that in such a sophisticated machine ERP, tiger riding difficult digital transformation, even if so make complaints about it is not too much. It’s really disappointing to hope to transform with ERP of precision machinery. Therefore, whether it is precision machinery manufacturing or machinery manufacturing enterprises, ERP needs to have a correct understanding and choice.

If you want to choose the right ERP for precision machinery,

Search and download acloudear’s white paper on digital transformation of mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises

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The white paper also provides the world’s top 500 choice and a number of successful cases as a reference.

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This article "Precision machinery ERP, on equal to no pain in where?" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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