Machining ERP system, production or business?

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Mechanical ERP not only needs digital and intelligent production, but also needs digital supply chain. It is an important link in the supply chain to get through the upstream raw materials, procurement, and downstream business opportunities to cash.

When it comes to ERP, when it comes to the digital transformation of enterprises, I overhear such a voice from mechanical processing enterprises: Production feels that since we are processing and manufacturing enterprises, production must be the most important; business and sales think that we do not sell the products we produce, what real gold and silver can be used to purchase raw materials and continue production? Therefore, business and sales are more important. Fortunately, the financial department did not follow out to make trouble. Otherwise, the mechanical processing enterprises should give priority to which department for whom the machining enterprises are most important. It is estimated that they will become a group. What do you think: production is more important or business is more important? Who should be considered first in machining ERP system? In this case, we stand in the perspective of experts to judge: mechanical processing ERP system, production or business management?

Acloudear, an expert on digital transformation of mechanical manufacturing enterprises and a platinum partner of sap, talked about five priorities of digital transformation of mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises in its “acloudear mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises digital transformation white paper”: customer centered, personalized customized demand, digital intelligent products, digital supply chain and intelligent factory, service and new business model 。 Since both digital supply chain and intelligent factory are mentioned, is production the top priority? Production first?

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How about mechanical ERP management first?

As an excellent machining ERP system, production should not be considered, of course, and it is necessary. Without smooth production, business, sales and after-sales are estimated to be greatly affected. Late delivery, risk of violation, and customer experience are all deadly poisons that quickly disintegrate customer life cycle. Therefore, mechanical ERP not only needs digital and intelligent production, but also needs digital supply chain. Opening up upstream raw materials and purchasing, as well as downstream business opportunities into cash, has become an important link in the supply chain. If mechanical processing ERP does not care about production, then sales and business will be stronger and stronger, what products will you use to help customers solve problems?

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Is the business a priority?

The digital transformation of mechanical manufacturing enterprises usually starts from the reconstruction of business. Most of the time, the production tends to be stable. With the rapid expansion of enterprises and the vigorous expansion of the market, it is necessary to accelerate the operation of business processes and business to seize the market opportunities. Therefore, reconstructing business process and business model are the core points of enterprise digital transformation. Under the premise of good products and good supply chain, business and sales can play a greater value and role and accelerate the development of enterprises. The value of machining ERP management system lies in the carding of business process. Taking SAP cloud ERP listed in white paper as an example, in order to help machining enterprises realize business transformation, sap has constructed an end-to-end business process from business opportunities to cash, so that numbers can flow continuously in the process, read and analyze in real time, and provide basis for scientific decision-making.

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What about? After analyzing which one is more important in ERP management system of machining, do you have the answer in your mind?

In fact, in the digital transformation of machining manufacturing enterprises, both production and business are firmly occupying the position of strategic priority. Therefore, in the view of digital transformation experts, both business and production are indispensable and priority parts in the reconstruction of enterprises through digital construction, and the financial and human resources we are familiar with are also the key elements of digital transformation.

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Digital transformation covers all aspects, indispensable!

Therefore, acloudear, an expert on digital transformation in the field of mechanical manufacturing, said: “whether it is a machining or manufacturing enterprise, digital transformation needs to take into account all aspects of the management of various departments of the enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to build a unified and integrated digital core platform to realize comprehensive integrated management.” As for the production and business, which should be measured according to the urgency of the enterprise itself and the phased planning of digital transformation. When we generalize to a certain department, in fact, we have deviated from the direction of enterprise digital transformation.

How to grasp the essence of enterprise digital transformation from macro to micro level,

How to start with the enterprise’s strategic priorities,

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