Electronic ERP Sales system, can you help enterprises deal with sales management?

Author:Acloudear , 2022-07-03 10:09   
SAP electronic ERP Sales system provides electronic enterprises with a complete end-to-end sales experience, which can empower the sales team and help them exceed customer expectations.

In the UCA era, when black swans and grey rhinos frequently appeared, both the electronic manufacturing industry and the field of electronic product sales were impacted by the epidemic, cost, management, digitization and other diversification. Let’s take a look at the electronic manufacturing and sales category. There are many kinds and models of products, and there are many kinds and quantities of parts. At the same time, the products are upgraded rapidly, and the product life cycle is further shortened, which makes the design changes of electronic and electrical enterprises frequent; This is only one aspect. In business and sales, due to the rapid change of customer demand, multi variety and small batch mixed production has completely replaced continuous mass production, and order insertion and component change and replacement occur frequently. Under the double attack of such a depressed market and changeable customer demand, how can the sales of electronic enterprises speed up the operation of enterprises and obtain more living space? Electronic ERP Sales system has become an important tool in digital transformation.


What are the pain points in the management of electronic manufacturing and sales enterprises today?


Acloudear, an expert in digital transformation of high-tech electronics industry and SAP platinum partner, showed the common pain points of electronic enterprises, including sales management, in acloudear white paper on digital transformation of high-tech enterprises. Most of them lack a unified digital process platform to achieve collaboration between departments, which restricts the growth of enterprises.



Pain points of sales management in electronic industry / enterprises


We can know from the above that the pain point of sales management of electronic manufacturing enterprises lies in the lack of effective management, which is mainly reflected in four aspects, including orders, bills and invoicing, which have become a chronic problem, the invoicing system is obsolete and has poor operability, the information after the midstream factory changes is disconnected and cannot be synchronously reflected on customer orders, and the purchase order does not conform to the invoicing The key to all this is that many processes are isolated from each other, which seriously affects the operation of the sales department.


What is ERP like in electronic industry


Digital transformation experts in the high-tech electronics industry also shared in the white paper the sap electronic ERP system, which currently has a very high market share. Let’s briefly look at how it helps enterprises achieve end-to-end smart operations.



So how is it used as an electronic ERP Sales System?


In fact, in addition to sap electronic ERP, more importantly, the sales management in CRM system represented by SAP system helps electronic enterprises realize the automation of sales process. At present, more than 5million sales professionals use SAP CX sales cloud to get a better sales experience and promote sales growth. In order to reduce the traditional business process isolation brought about by many cumbersome manual tasks. In particular, it is a good solution to the fact that enterprises often need to ask the sales representative about the transaction status when conducting sales pipeline management and prediction. The process of creating customer quotation is also very complex and time-consuming, which makes customers feel frustrated about the negative evaluation experience.



SAP electronic ERP Sales system provides electronic enterprises with a complete end-to-end sales experience, which can empower the sales team and help them exceed customer expectations. By improving the sales experience, the team can maximize its potential and reach more transactions. In this process, it can intelligently and effectively simplify the whole sales process, improve performance and surpass competitors.


What about? Is the electronic ERP Sales system intelligent enough to help electronic enterprises solve many sales problems? In fact, just solving the sales problem can not completely help enterprises successfully realize the digital transformation. If you want to know more about the routes and methods of digital transformation of electronic enterprises, you can download the white paper on digital transformation of high-tech enterprises of acloudear to comprehensively understand the transformation path of high-tech electronic enterprises and the best transformation direction, and help enterprises from sales to supply chain, business, finance Procurement and other enterprise priorities have achieved a comprehensive and successful transformation.

This article "Electronic ERP Sales system, can you help enterprises deal with sales management?" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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