Break the blind spot of “specialization and innovation” corporate culture, and digitally build innovative mechanisms and culture!

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Finally, do you want craftsman spirit? Of course! Is the cultural blind spot broken? It must be broken!

Craftsman spirit and craftsman culture are not only the professional ethics entrusted to us by Chinese traditional culture, but also the important value pursuit of our “specialized and new” enterprise on the way to success. However, at the moment when the “black swan incident” occurs frequently, some century old shops represented by the craftsman spirit are in trouble or disappear instantly, which makes us fall into meditation. “The next 10 years will be the decade when a large number of dedicated enterprises in Japan will die.” Professor Sakamoto’s assertion has opened our reflection on the spirit of craftsmanship. Why is that? Shouldn’t it be our proud insistence? In this issue, we will discuss another topic behind the craftsman spirit: the “cultural blind spot” of the strategic blind spot.



“It is risky for enterprises to focus on specific technologies and products, but they should focus on a specific customer demand, because demand will not disappear.” Hermann, Germany Professor Simon revealed the essence of “cultural blind spot”.


Facing the “cultural blind spots” that may exist in current “specialized and innovative” enterprises, acloudear Sixiang network, an expert on enterprise digital transformation strategy, puts forward: “build innovative mechanisms and channels with digitalization, realize the fission of innovative culture from craftsman culture, and accelerate the new transformation of enterprise organization.” Point of view.


The solution: from individual ingenuity to collective innovation


When we carry out a series of reflections and inquiries on the “craftsman culture”, a cruel reality has been placed in front of us: a small number of enterprises focus too much on a product. Once disruptive technologies appear or the market is significantly affected, they often fall into a desperate situation, ranging from losing leadership to disappearing immediately.


Facts have proved that the founder’s “Craftsmanship” is a double-edged sword, which has achieved the brilliant achievements of the enterprise in the past, but also hindered the current and future of the enterprise. This is mainly because “personal heroism” is too dazzling, covering up the value and light of others in the organization. Thus, organizational innovation and collective innovation cannot be mobilized, which makes enterprises fall into a bottleneck. At the same time, the ability to resist risks is also declining rapidly.


How should we crack such “cultural blind spots” in our specialized and special new enterprises? Organizations need to transform, but also need to nurture a good innovation environment, realize from “individual ingenuity” to “collective innovation”, and build a strong vitality for enterprises.



Digital empowerment: supporting innovation mechanism and culture!


So, how can our “specialized and innovative” enterprises achieve from “individual ingenuity” to “collective innovation”? We need to build a perfect innovation mechanism to support the innovation culture. Acloudear’s network digitalization experts have put forward three major directions and specific solutions.


1.Reshaping thinking: from individual heroism to collectivism


The “craftsman spirit” of the founder often becomes the myth of the enterprise. However, no matter how powerful an individual is, there are blind spots in cognition and ability. In this regard, the suggestion of digital strategy expert Sixiang network is: in addition to working hard to specialize in technology and products, our new founders also need to look up at the “Lighthouse” such as the founders of global technology-based enterprises to guide us. For example, we are familiar with general motors. How did the founders break through the initial personal heroism, find a way of collective innovation, and finally move towards greater success.



2.Build a mechanism: a good mechanism to mobilize collective innovation


When we begin to put aside individual heroism and try to find the best balance between “individual ingenuity” and “collective innovation”: only a good environment and reasonable mechanism can make “innovation” a natural behavior in the organization.



How and what kind of mechanism should we build for our specialized and special new enterprises? How to turn personal innovation into team innovation; Inspiration innovation becomes mechanism innovation; Employees’ spontaneous innovation turns into organizational planning innovation? How to make innovation genes precipitate in the organization and accelerate innovation achievements?


In the face of the above series of questions, it is often difficult for our specialized and special new enterprises to have a clear answer. At this time, we might as well use external forces, such as the diagnosis and suggestions of consulting companies or enterprise digital strategy experts, to gradually clarify, and finally find a suitable way of innovation culture.


3.Digital support: product research and development, integrated collaboration


Our “specialized and innovative” enterprises want to cultivate innovation culture and build innovation mechanism, but they can’t do without the empowerment of today’s advanced digital technology. In this regard, acloudear’s network digitalization experts bring a series of solutions for our “specialized and special new” enterprises with the help of SAP cloud solutions for your reference.


Acloudear provides design, delivery and operation

An end-to-end complete cloud solution system


Innovation needs mechanism and culture needs atmosphere, so encouraging the construction of innovation environment and channels has become an extremely important link. Just imagine: while the founders are constantly pursuing new breakthroughs in the “craftsman spirit”, our enterprise, from ordinary employees to middle-level management, can also spontaneously base on their posts and constantly activate innovation. Behind the burst of strong creativity in the collective, what an enterprise it will be difficult to surpass.


To achieve spontaneous and continuous innovation from grassroots employees to middle-level management, we might as well use the complete cloud solution built by SAP cloud ERP from R & D, design, delivery to operation end-to-end. On such a highly collaborative platform, all employees can easily find their own value orientation and constantly realize self innovation.



Through digital technology, build an end-to-end innovation mechanism and process, and accelerate the pace of collective innovation of enterprises. Of course, we have more in-depth solutions, such as our product research and development.


SAP EPD (enterprise product R & D cloud)


Through SAP EPD, a platform that integrates demand management, system engineering and collaborative management of product R & D, enterprises can realize the end-to-end integration function of R & D management from demand to collaboration, and accelerate their mastery of market and customer needs; Strengthen the cooperation with outsourcing designers. While improving the success rate of product research and development, it also accelerates the efficiency of product research and development.



In reality, there are many ways for digital solutions to provide strong technological empowerment for enterprise innovation culture, such as SAP BTP (business technology platform), which we are familiar with. With the help of SAP ruum in the platform, we can reduce the technology application threshold of non professionals, release the innovation potential through man-machine integration, and finally realize the national innovation of low code and no code.


Finally, do you want craftsman spirit? Of course! Is the cultural blind spot broken? It must be broken! Is it difficult to break the cultural blind spot? It’s not difficult, but it’s by no means easy! Because it covers: from the construction of incentive innovation mechanisms (such as human resources compensation) to the innovation of business workflow and channels, from technological innovation, business innovation, and even the innovation of business models. If you and the enterprise feel confused, you may wish to have an in-depth chat with our enablers (consulting companies, digital strategy experts, etc.). If you have a good chat, you can decide to cooperate and activate the innovation gene for the enterprise, so as to break the “cultural blind spot” and promote sustainable development.


For more detailed solutions, please pay attention to the white paper on digital transformation of acloudear specialized new enterprises or contact acloudear’s shared network experts (400-690-3218) to find the best solution for enterprises.

This article "Break the blind spot of “specialization and innovation” corporate culture, and digitally build innovative mechanisms and culture!" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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