Get rid of the “specialized and new” enterprise technology blind spot, and digitally empower enterprise soft power!

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Digital empowerment of soft power and the construction of overall solutions for enterprises have become the key to breaking the technical blind spot for specialized and special new enterprises.

throughout our “specialized and special new” enterprises, most of them started with technology, aimed at the gap market, practiced unique secret skills, and achieved success to this day. However, the success is often accompanied by huge crises and challenges. On the one hand, it comes from the outside: the impact of the epidemic, the global political situation, and the rapid changes in the industry; On the other hand, the root cause is itself: powerful technology genes and hardware often form “thinking too technically”, so there is no time to take into account the soft power of enterprises, forming one of the strategic blind spots, the technical blind spot. As the market changes, a single hardware and technology can no longer meet the needs of customers, let alone help customers eliminate pain points and create value.


How to solve the technical blind spot of “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises? In this regard, acloudear Sixiang network, an expert in enterprise digital transformation strategy, put forward the view that digitalization empowers soft power, builds an overall solution for enterprises, and becomes the key to breaking the technical blind spot for specialized, special and new enterprises.



Specialized and special new enterprise

To eliminate technical blind spots, we need to build an overall solution


In the development process of specialized and special new enterprises, there are many unrecognized strategic problems, such as the technical blind spot we mentioned, which is one of them. If you think too technically and operate an enterprise, it is easy to keep leading in technology, and there will be a lot of shortcomings in other aspects such as talents, services and software.


As a single product can no longer meet the market demand, customers’ demand for future value is diverse, and they need to transition from a single product and hardware product to providing an overall solution. Only by using the overall solution to win the favor of customers can we be qualified to become an important strategic ecological partner of customers in the future.



From Zulin’s “specialization and Innovation: the way of champions of small and medium-sized enterprises”


Digital solutions for

“One professional, many strong”


Now that we have the idea of eliminating technical blind spots – building an overall solution. So, what should the real “specialized and new” enterprises do? After in-depth research by acloudear, an expert on enterprise digital transformation strategy, and in combination with the German small and medium-sized enterprises ranking first in the world, he proposed to build a digital solution of “one expert and many strong enterprises” to help enterprises improve their soft power.


Since technology is the core gene, software, talents and services must also become stronger. If we want to build a development model of “one specialty, many strengths”, we must take a unified digital solution as the carrier, realize comprehensive links in business, and optimize the enterprise gene in an all-round way.


In this regard, acloudear network is the first SAP solution. (SAP is not only the global invisible champion enterprise, but also the most representative brand in Germany, which helps the invisible champion of German small and medium-sized enterprises grow.) SAP solutions can eliminate technical blind spots for our specialized and special new enterprises, build the core competitiveness of “one specialized and multiple strong” enterprises, and thus build the balance of internal capabilities of enterprises.



The enterprise’s overall solution built by “one expert and many strong enterprises” requires not only hardware technology, but also leading software support to form the software, talents, services and other parts of the overall solution. Relying on powerful enabling tools, optimize and upgrade internally, and finally win the favor of customers with excellent comprehensive strength.



Sap has more than 50 years of best practices across 25 industries. It can not only provide a complete cloud solution system from design to delivery to operation end-to-end for many specialized and special new manufacturing enterprises, but also make the service more professional; It can also introduce best industry practices for them and build an efficient, agile technology platform that adapts to the development of the times through continuous digital transformation.


Specialized in special new enterprises

Analysis of talent plan


Acloudear, an expert in enterprise digital transformation strategy, also further shared digital solutions on talent training. With the help of SAP successfactors’ leading human resource system, it helps enterprises to train, assess and quickly precipitate knowledge and reuse through digital means, so as to realize the cultivation of talents from beginner to major and reduce the impact of brain drain on the company.



In addition, with the help of leading human resource practices and systems, build talent echelons for specialized and special new enterprises, and promote internal training and improvement with a good incentive system. At the same time, we should link with external talent resources and reserve different talent pools for emergencies.



Above, we only focus on the macro and micro parts to analyze how specialized, special and new enterprises can break the technical blind spot with the help of digital system and the reform method of “one specialty, many strengths”, in order to help enterprises more clearly deconstruct the route of digital transformation.


However, to fundamentally eliminate the “technical blind spot”, we need to build an overall solution from technology, culture, organization to business, which is not an easy thing. Only through the full cooperation between specialized and innovative enterprises and digital enablers can we find the best path and solution that truly belongs to us.


For more detailed solutions, please pay attention to the white paper on digital transformation of acloudear specialized new enterprises or contact acloudear’s shared network experts (400-690-3218) to find the best solution for enterprises.

This article "Get rid of the “specialized and new” enterprise technology blind spot, and digitally empower enterprise soft power!" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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