How do we usually choose a mold enterprise management system?

Author:Acloudear , 2022-07-10 11:05   
Mold enterprises’ choice of mold enterprise management system first needs to consider their own characteristics, current pain points and future development direction, and then choose the above two types of mold enterprise management system.

Many people will ask how to choose the mold enterprise management system? But the answer in the hearts of most small partners is: you are talking about the last mold enterprise management system (mold enterprise ERP)? All the partners who have been on the mold enterprise management system immediately stand up and are not happy. The thing you said is not useful at all. Before our enterprise went on the mold management system ERP, BOM has not been done? Some friends jumped out and roast about the messy scheduling, cost and other issues are very acute. You are so noisy, so that those who want to go on the mold enterprise management system of small partners swollen do? How to choose the mold enterprise management system? Acloudear, a digital transformation expert in the mold industry, came to solve it for you.



First, let’s review the general discomfort of mold enterprises


As a mold enterprise with production management mode as the main mode, order, quality and delivery date have become three major management problems that cannot be ignored by mold enterprises. Further subdivision will involve whether the enterprise production needs refined manufacturing execution. The BOM material management and scheduling mentioned above, for example, a new order is almost equivalent to the need for a brand-new BOM. If there are hundreds of thousands of orders a day, it can’t be done manually, Unless automatically generated by the system. Therefore, different mold enterprises have different pain points, which are mainly determined by their main products and services.


What are the mold enterprise management systems for pain points?


If you want to solve the management pain points of mold enterprises, you need to use mold enterprise management system. There are many kinds of systems, which can be roughly divided into two categories: mold enterprise ERP and other subdivision software of mold enterprise management system, such as MES, APS, etc. for general mold enterprise management, choosing a good mold enterprise management system ERP can basically solve it, but different mold enterprises have their own characteristics and different needs, Therefore, the demands on details are different. For mold enterprises that need fine management, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is indispensable to meet the needs of workshop production management and scheduling implementation to achieve information management. In particular, enterprises with many orders will have rigid requirements for BOM (bill of materials system) and hope to automatically generate orders; APS (Advanced Planning and scheduling) generates a set of scientific and detailed production plans to help the workshop comprehensively plan, execute, analyze, optimize and manage production tasks.


So, how to choose the mold enterprise management system?


Acloudear, an expert on digital transformation of discrete manufacturing industry, said: mold enterprises should first consider their own characteristics, current pain points and future development direction, and then choose the above two types of mold enterprise management systems. If it is more conventional and the order materials are single, you can choose the mold enterprise management system that is more suitable for most discrete manufacturing industries. For example, the comprehensive and intelligent ERP system sap was shared in the white paper on digital transformation of acloudear mechanical parts enterprises.



Because of its strong compatibility, it is also more suitable for connecting with APS, MES and other systems in the future. Of course, the digital transformation of many mold enterprises is not achieved overnight, and it is fully carried out. Instead, choose local optimization at the beginning. You can first choose MES for refined production, APS for optimized scheduling and other systems. Try to be targeted. As for specific system choices, such as SAP, you can also choose other systems with good reputation and in line with your own budget.


Finally, everyone basically has their own ideas about the conventional selection method of mold enterprise management system. However, in addition to doing a good job in current business and production, enterprise managers need to stand at a higher level to overlook the future development of the enterprise. Therefore, you may wish to download the “acloudear white paper on digital transformation of mechanical parts enterprises” to comprehensively understand the future transformation direction of mold enterprises from the digital trend, industry pain points, as well as the pain points and challenges of the enterprise itself. At the same time, combined with the actual situation of mold enterprises, gradually clarify the digital transformation road map, realize digital management as soon as possible, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

This article "How do we usually choose a mold enterprise management system?" by AcloudEAR. We focus on business applications such as cloud ERP.

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