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Many forward-looking cross-border e-commerce enterprises have quietly begun to carry out cross-border e-commerce operations through digital transformation.

Rumors in the world: Amazon is absolutely the only choice for cross-border e-commerce enterprises to sell products in the most developed countries and regions in the world and seize the market. Of course, this is not just a rumor. Many businesses and facts have proved that if cross-border e-commerce enterprises do not join hands with Amazon, the world’s largest cross-border e-commerce platform, it will undoubtedly be a loss. Since Amazon is the best choice for cross-border e-commerce enterprises, doing a good job in the operation of cross-border e-commerce Amazon is undoubtedly the key to improve the operation results and sales performance. Well, today we’ll talk about the operation of cross-border e-commerce Amazon.

In the eyes of ordinary people: cross border e-commerce Amazon operation

As for the related contents of Amazon’s operation, we might as well browse through a chart compiled by industry partners.

Cross border e-commerce operation 1

As a matter of fact, all cross-border e-commerce partners who have operated Amazon have deep experience. Amazon’s operation involves sales, data and other aspects, which is really not simple! Zhihushang’s cross-border e-commerce operation experts summarize it into seven aspects: checking sales volume and sales amount, handling mail and disputes, following up customer’s negative comments, handling FBA delivery, selecting products, checking CPC advertisements, listing optimization, etc. if you are an Amazon operation, have you completed all these in accordance with the quality and quantity?

So, is it OK to do the above 7 points or the operation content on the table? Let’s take a look at the attitude of acloudear, an expert in cross-border e-commerce digital transformation?

In the eyes of experts: cross border e-commerce Amazon operation

After in-depth research on cross-border e-commerce, acloudear released the white paper on digital transformation of cross-border e-commerce enterprises — acloudear, taking a cross-border e-commerce enterprise named Guangzhou speed pigeon as an example, sorts out the cross-border e-commerce business flow chart.

Cross border e-commerce operation 2

According to acloudear, an expert on cross-border e-commerce digital transformation, Amazon is only one of the front-end channels for cross-border e-commerce operation. Running Amazon well is only one of the channels in the cross-border e-commerce omni-channel. In fact, if you want to become a leading cross-border e-commerce enterprise, you still need to grasp many aspects.

For example: in online order processing, how does your cross-border e-commerce enterprise Amazon warehouse deliver goods? Or is it done by hand? Let’s take a look at the solution with advanced SAP cloud ERP + linkpro: the formation of a suite can greatly accelerate the transparency of the supply chain, and make the warehouse and order data synchronized in real time, thus accelerating the efficiency of warehouse delivery. In contrast, taking a cross-border e-commerce enterprise named speeddove as an example, after adopting the appropriate ERP solution, the warehouse turnover cycle has been reduced by 40%.

Cross border e-commerce operation 3

Amazon operation is important, supply chain management is more important!

Amazon is doing well, orders are surging, sales are improving, these are direct benefits. However, if the follow-up supply chain can’t keep up with the time of delivery, or the storage data is chaotic, it is impossible to accurately know whether there is goods or need to replenish the warehouse, etc., will it miss the business opportunities and bring bad experience to customers? Therefore, the above, Amazon’s operation is only one aspect, Omni channel is the right solution!

Cross border e-commerce operation 4

How to integrate Omni channel e-commerce, the omni channel digital solution of “SAP cloud ERP + linkpro” presented by expert acloudear in the white paper is more inclusive.

While we are still limited to Amazon, many forward-looking cross-border e-commerce enterprises have quietly begun to carry out cross-border e-commerce operations through digital transformation. As mentioned above, Guangzhou speed pigeon has realized supply chain optimization and business process simplification, standardized upstream and downstream processes, integrated financial business, and successfully realized digital transformation.


Traditional cross-border e-commerce enterprises care about the operation of Amazon,

Leading cross-border e-commerce enterprises are more concerned about the digital smooth and efficient operation of Omni channel!

To fully understand the upgraded version of cross-border e-commerce Amazon operation,

And how to successfully realize digital transformation in cross-border e-commerce channels,

You can search and download the white paper on digital transformation of cross border e-commerce enterprises – acloudear to master the integrated Omni channel e-commerce solutions!

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